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Jo Michell

Jo Michell is associate professor of economics at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Rishi Sunak Versus Reality

It was obvious from the start that Covid-19 would have longlasting impacts on the British economy, but Rishi Sunak has insisted on treating it as a temporary blip – and now fantasises about pulling support altogether.

Rishi Sunak’s Jobs Crisis

Today Rishi Sunak told Tory conference that he “can’t protect every job.” But as Britain faces an unemployment crisis, there are thousands of jobs he could save and create – and is choosing not to.

What Should the Left Think About Tax?

Recent years have seen a growth in the idea that increasing taxes on the wealthy shouldn’t be a priority for the Left – but if we want the world’s resources put to better use, we need to rein in the rich.

Health vs. the Economy: A False Choice

Boris Johnson is framing the Covid-19 debate as ‘health vs. the economy’ – but his government’s approach to this crisis has helped neither, and nor will recklessness in easing the lockdown.