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Joe Bilsborough

Joe Bilsborough is a Tribune columnist. He is also a research assistant in economic history at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Danish Dilemma

Denmark is one of the few European states to elect a social-democratic government in recent years – but its mix of progressive economics and anti-immigrant policies offers a stark warning about the years ahead.

Rentier Island

For decades, Britain’s governments have designed public policy to benefit property owners and landlords to the detriment of everyone else – in effect, the UK is a housing market with an economy attached.

Britain’s Low-Pay Scandal

More than a million low-paid workers have regularly skipped meals during this pandemic, while thousands more miss heating and bills. There’s only one solution to Britain’s endemic poverty pay – a real living wage.

The Covid Class War

The global pandemic has pushed between 200 and 500 million people into extreme poverty, while the richest have added $3.9 trillion to their fortunes. Covid-19 is not a crisis impacting us all equally – it’s a class war.

Austerity – Just by Another Name

Yesterday’s announcements saw Rishi Sunak cut £10 billion worth of planned spending from the UK economy. It might be a new form of austerity, but it is austerity nonetheless – and none of it is necessary.

Cash for Drones, Cuts for Workers

By proposing increases in defence spending alongside a pay freeze for workers, the Tories have exposed the lie that governments can’t invest – and revealed their own priorities: war before well-being.