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John Lister

John Lister is the co-editor of The Lowdown and a member of Keep Our NHS Public.

A History of NHS Privatisation

75 years after its creation, the NHS is drifting from its original ideals – a result of both Tory and Labour policies that allowed private interests to carve up healthcare for profit.

Rishi’s Next NHS Raid

Rishi Sunak says he’s worried about the cost of keeping up Covid boosters in a stretched NHS budget. There’s a solution to that: fund the NHS properly.

There’s Still an NHS Left to Save

The passage of the Health and Care Bill further erodes the principles on which the NHS was built – but the fight for its future isn’t lost, and there’s still time to save our public health system.

The Tories’ NHS Lies

From nurses to hospitals to overall investment, every major health pledge the Tories have made in this election campaign can be shown to be a lie. They can’t be trusted with the NHS.