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John Merrick

John Merrick is a London-based writer. He is currently working on his first book, a study of class in contemporary Britain.

On Benefits and Big TVs

From tabloid columnists to Job Centre snoopers, Britain’s obsession with the less well-off owning flat-screen TVs has become a symbol of how inequality is blamed on those at the bottom, rather than at the top.

You Can Never Go Home Anymore

‘Peterdown’, David Annand’s novel of class and regional divides, threatens to be the state-of-the-nation novel we badly need – but settles too often for easy caricature.

The Novels of Sylvia Townsend Warner

The British novelist’s works, currently being reissued, encompassed witches, communist revolutionaries, and medieval monasteries – but running through them all is her formal invention and socialist politics.

What Happened in Crewe

In 2017, Labour’s victory in Crewe seemed to be a sign of renewal in one of its former strongholds. 2019’s result shows that the party’s problems in towns like this run much deeper – and won’t be solved easily.