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Kimi Chaddah

Kimi Chaddah is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in the Independent, gal-dem and the Byline Times.

How Sunak Lost His Sparkle

Rishi Sunak saw out the pandemic hailed by the media as a hero, but he was never a real friend to normal people – and his refusal to fight the cost of living crisis makes that fact unavoidable.

Never Trust a Tory

Partygate should be the end for Boris, but none of his replacements will bring about the change we need – a change from Tory policy itself.

Rishi Sunak Is Not Your Friend

The media’s hero-worship of Rishi Sunak ignores his real record during this crisis – from Eat Out to Help Out to opposing a circuit-breaker and liveable sick pay, the Chancellor has been one of Covid’s villains.