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Lola Brittain

Lola Brittain is an ambassador for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform.

Thatcher’s War on the Internet

Britain was a once a leader in the global race for fibre optic technology. Then the Thatcher government sold off the factories – and now we have slow speeds, high prices, and workers facing real-terms pay cuts.

Democratise Big Tech

Tech corporations have wormed their way into every aspect of our lives. Regulation isn’t enough: we need democratic control over the digital economy.

50 Years of Britain’s Bad Drug Policy

On this day in 1971, Britain adopted the Misuse of Drugs Act. Half a century later, drug-related deaths are at a record high – it’s time to accept that the prohibitive approach is harmful and demand something different.

To Tackle Obesity, Fight Inequality

By shifting the blame for obesity onto individuals, the government is covering up its own contributions to the structural causes – from shutting leisure centres to supporting low wages and longer working hours.