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Matt Kerr

Matt Kerr is a Scottish Labour parliamentary candidate for the West of Scotland.

The Great Energy Scam

In April, the government plans to push millions into poverty by hiking energy bills — the latest sacrifice on the altar of privatisation.

Ikea’s Sick Pay Scandal

In the midst of a global pandemic, Ikea Glasgow introduced a new sick pay policy forcing self-isolating workers onto just £95 a week. A union rep, Richie Venton, fought back – and soon found himself sacked.

A Momentum for Working-Class Communities

If Momentum is to play a role in rebuilding the Left, it needs to be radically overhauled – and to become an organisation which has a foot in every working-class community in Britain, argues Matt Kerr.

My Path to Politics

Scottish deputy leader candidate Matt Kerr on how family, trade unionism and experience of injustice led him to politics – and why the cause of a Labour Party fighting for working-class people remains as relevant as ever.

Renewing Scottish Labour

Glasgow councillor Matt Kerr explains why he’s running for deputy leader of Scottish Labour – to empower a new generation in the party’s grassroots and ensure that Labour fights for real democracy, even when it’s a challenge.