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Meagan Day

Meagan Day is a staff writer at Jacobin.

America’s Police Riot

The behaviour of police across the United States in the past week has made clear that they are not trying to restore order – instead, they are punishing protestors for questioning their authority.

Bernie Won Iowa

The establishment is trying its best to hide it but Bernie Sanders won the Iowa caucus – and now, he has a serious chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

How Bernie Organised Workers in Iowa

We might still be waiting on the results of the Iowa caucuses – but the effects of Bernie’s ground game, particularly in mobilising working-class immigrants to turn out for him, are clear to see.

Bernie Can Beat Trump

In today’s Iowa caucuses, Democrats have the opportunity to choose a candidate whose record of defending popular programmes like Social Security and Medicaid hits Donald Trump where he’s weak.

The Rich Against Nature

A new report lays bare the ‘climate crimes’ committed by the super-rich against the planet. Socialism is the only solution to their largesse.