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Melany Cruz

Melany Cruz is a lecturer in international politics at the University of Leicester.

The Fight for a New Chile Goes On

The defeat of Chile’s draft constitution is a blow, but support for replacing the Pinochet-era document remains strong – and the necessity of burying neoliberalism’s legacy is as vital as ever.

The Economist’s War on Chile

The recent attack by The Economist on Chile’s new draft constitution is no surprise – it’s just the latest in the magazine’s decades-long campaign against South American democracy.

How Chile Beat the Far-Right

Gabriel Boric’s landmark victory in this month’s Chilean election was built on the foundations of the 2019 protest movement – but also showed a Left capable of building alliances beyond its traditional strongholds.

The Fight for Chile’s Future

Yesterday’s first round election in Chile has left the country with a stark choice – a far-right candidate who admires the legacy of Pinochet or a left-wing reformer pledging to tackle social inequality.