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Mick Antoniw

Mick Antoniw is Labour MS for Pontypridd. He is Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution.

Rebuilding Britain’s Democracy

For years, Britain’s political system has crumbled under the pressure of its failing democracy. But Gordon Brown’s proposals to shake up Westminster institutions could point a way forward.

Why Welsh Labour Won

While Labour mourns its English losses, the Welsh party won a historic victory by articulating a clear vision – one that centred local issues, put people ahead of profit, and proved that socialist values can resonate.

Labour’s Deeper Reflection

Labour should respond to the general election defeat by looking back not a month or a year, but over the past two decades – to what it did in government, in opposition and in response to Britain’s emerging constitutional crises.

Bouncing Back in Wales

In 2017, Labour’s election comeback started in Wales. This week there are signs that a similar poll surge is happening in 2019 – and the Tories are worried.

Winning in Wales

In Wales, fighting this election on Brexit alone would be a historic missed opportunity. Now is the time to make the case for radical economic policies and real climate action.

20 Years of Welsh Devolution

This year marks the 20th anniversary of devolution to Wales. There have been progressive achievements but, as the UK’s constitutional crisis deepens, the process still has some way to go.