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Nathalie Olah

Nathalie Olah is a freelance journalist and editor. Her writing focuses on the intersection between politics and contemporary culture, and she is the author of Steal as Much as You Can.

Remembering Eve Babitz

Eve Babitz, the chronicler of Los Angeles, passed away last month aged 78. Her work combined the qualities of generosity and glamour, rejecting self-pity and victimhood.

Second City Blues

Two new accounts of growing up and leaving Birmingham provide moving accounts of the snobbery and misunderstanding directed at England’s second city by the country’s social elite.

Class, Taste and Sour Grapes

Last month, Rudy Kurniawan was released after seven years in prison for passing off cheap fakes as fine wine – a crime punished, above all, for exposing ruling class pretensions about taste.

The Tradition of the New

Walsall’s ‘New’ Art Gallery opened 20 years ago, and is still one of the best in Britain. As one of the few enduring successes of New Labour’s lavish arts programme, we ask: what went right?