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Nick Bano

Nick Bano is a lawyer and campaigner specialising in homelessness and tenants’ rights.

Stepping Up the Housing Struggle

Rent reforms proposed by the government last week give tenants in England cause for some cautious optimism. But what’s most important is that they could galvanise the fight for real rent controls and council housing, to truly bring this crisis to an end.

The Making of the Microflat

Everywhere you look, the housing market is producing smaller spaces for higher prices. According to the PR machine, this isn’t profiteering – it’s the latest form of luxury.

The Ministry for Michael Gove

The newly rebranded Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities is inheriting a host of crises – and with a history at the heart of the Tory machine, Gove is unlikely to solve them.

The Landlord Parliament

115 MPs – 90 of them Tories – are landlords making thousands per year from privately-rented properties. The housing crisis won’t be solved until that changes.

The Housing Crisis Is Bad for Your Health

One quarter of all privately-rented homes in England fail to meet basic health standards. The problem can’t be solved by piecemeal reforms – only grassroots tenant organising can fight landlord neglect.

Coronavirus and the Housing Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing chaos in the housing market – but whether it leads to a property crash, a deepening crisis for renters, or even a respite in rising costs remains contested.