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Olly Haynes

Olly Haynes is an English journalist who covers radical politics in the UK and France. His work has been featured in Novara Media and Open Democracy.

Silencing Palestine Solidarity

The French government response to the Palestine solidarity movement has been defined by criminalisation, censorship and violent attacks on peaceful protestors. But the genocide in Gaza only continues to push people into action.

The French Left’s Next Chance

After narrowly missing out on the presidential runoff, the French left has agreed a landmark pact ahead of legislative elections – and could pose Macron his biggest challenge yet.

The Philosophy of the Gilets Jaunes

A new book on France’s ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement explores its demands for radical change, explosive social impact – and legacy amidst an increasingly authoritarian French political landscape.

Le Combat Adama

In France, the killing of George Floyd evoked memories of the recent death in police custody of Adam Traoré – and reignited the mass protests which demanded justice in his name.