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Paul Dennett

Paul Dennett is the Elected Salford City Mayor, the Greater Manchester portfolio lead on Planning and Infrastructure, Housing and Homelessness, and the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Remembrance and Resistance

In August 1944, Auschwitz prisoners smuggled a camera into the gas chambers and took four shaky photographs of the horrors happening there. Their defiant act of documentation shaped our understanding of history forever.

Why Socialist Salford Bucked the Trend

Amid disaster for Labour in elections across its former industrial heartlands, Salford’s socialist council gained ground – its mayor Paul Dennett writes for Tribune about the transformative policies which made it possible.

Sensible Socialism: The Salford Model

Like its near-neighbour Preston, Salford’s left-leaning council has put socialist policies into practice at a local level – and been rewarded with public housing, well-paying jobs, insourcing and a greener city.

Saving Local Government

Nine years of Tory cuts have left local government in Britain on its knees with budgets decimated by 60%. Labour’s manifesto should commit to radical plans to rebuild our councils.

The World Turned Upside Down

Since Margaret Thatcher, around half of all public lands in the UK have been sold off. The next Labour government must stop this privatisation – and rebuild our commonwealth.