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Rae Deer

Rae Deer is an economist and freelance writer.

Ofgem Is a Scam

Despite claiming to be a ‘regulator’, Ofgem’s main job is to protect the profits of private energy companies – even when their prices are driving millions of working-class people towards poverty.

The Case for Price Controls

When millions are going hungry and a few companies are raking in record profits, the ‘free market’ is obviously failing – and the case for price controls is clearer than ever.

Abolish Non-Doms

Non-dom status is a scam designed to help the elite to amass obscene wealth. By overseeing a tax system riddled with loopholes, Rishi Sunak isn’t just helping his wife – he’s helping his class.

Crypto Is Not an Alternative

Cryptocurrency promises to liberate the monetary system from the clutches of the powerful – but it mostly functions as a way to make wealthy speculators even wealthier.