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Rhian E. Jones

Rhian E. Jones grew up in South Wales and is now based in London, where she writes on history, politics, popular culture, and the places where they intersect.

Still Shafted

Two new books on the Miners’ Strike reveal the solidarities that existed across the divides of today’s ‘culture war’ – and the ongoing effects of the defeat on the communities at the heart of it.

Late to the Party

In his new book, Ed Miliband’s speechwriter calls for a new politics of equality and community. Where has he been for the past five years?

Saint Monday

The balance between work and leisure time has been contested for centuries including, famously, in ‘Saint Monday’ – where workers declared their own day off when a one-day weekend was not enough.

Politics After Satire?

It’s often said you can’t satirise politics anymore, but the Brexit fiasco ending in a socialist government would be a punchline of historic proportions.