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Richard Leonard

Richard Leonard is a Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland and the former leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Why Labour MPs Must Support a Gaza Ceasefire

In just over a month, 11,200 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli forces. This cannot go on. Labour MPs must put themselves on the right side of history and vote for a ceasefire, writes former Scottish Labour Party leader Richard Leonard.

Justice for Scottish Miners

Hundreds of Scottish miners were wrongly convicted during the 1984-5 strike, and their lives and livelihoods destroyed as a result. Scotland now has a chance to right that wrong with both pardons and compensation – and must take it.

John Swinney Must Go

Scotland’s SQA results fiasco is just a symbol of growing inequalities in Scottish education which are leaving working-class students behind. It needs to change – and that starts with John Swinney’s departure.