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Robert Maisey

Robert Maisey is a railway worker and the political officer of the RMT's Paddington No.1 Branch. He also sits on the union's South Wales and South West regional council.

The Long Legacy of Algeria’s War

In the mid 20th century, Algeria’s bid for independence from France sent reverberations around the emergent Third World – but today, its role in the formation of the post-colonial system is often forgotten.

The Real Third World

The ‘Third World’ was not always a pejorative term. Its origins lie in a revolutionary post-colonial project that aimed to find a path to development beyond the Cold War camps.

When Science Met Socialism

Frustrated by the conservatism of Britain’s scientific establishment – and the growing popularity of eugenics – a group of radicals led by J. D. Bernal set out to harness science’s capacities for social transformation.

A Britain Worth Fighting For

As Britain’s official war artist from 1941 to 1945, socialist Abram Games produced iconic propaganda. But his work portrayed the country the troops were fighting for – not the one the Tories wanted them to accept.