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Solomon Hughes

Solomon Hughes has been writing about corporate influence in politics for twenty years, mostly for Private Eye. He also has a weekly column in the Morning Star.

The Tory Tax Cut Scam

In pledging to freeze corporation tax cuts, Boris Johnson has exposed a decade of Tory arguments that cutting taxes would increase revenue to be little more than a propaganda exercise for the super-rich.

The Tories’ War on the NHS

The Tories have despised the public ethos of the NHS since it was founded. In power, they have privatised its services any chance they could – often making handsome profits in the process.

Best for Britain and the Spyware Scandal

Best for Britain, the anti-Brexit pressure group which received criticism over skewed tactical voting guides, is linked to an explosive spyware scandal targeting journalists and activists resisting dictatorships.

The Tories’ Lobbying Bonanza

This week's Tory Party conference featured a perp walk of corporate ghouls - from public service privatisers to gig economy scammers and arms industry lobbyists - rubbing shoulders with government ministers.

Yesterday’s People

No policies, no ideas, no substance: Chuka Umunna's Independent Group is a tantrum thrown by careerists who found their avenues of progression closed off.