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Tom Mills

Tom Mills is lecturer in sociology at Aston University and chair of the Media Reform Coalition. He is the author of The BBC: Myth of a Public Service.

Britain’s Wealthiest Needn’t Worry

Billionaire John Caudwell’s support for Labour over Starmer’s persecution of socialists and support for capitalism has been unscrutinised by a media class showing no curiosity for whose interests next week’s government will serve, writes Tom Mills.

Impartiality for the Elite

Emily Maitlis’ comments about Tory Party influence at the BBC are obviously right. But they’re also only part of the picture – which is why those who have made them before have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists.

Fighting the Privatisation of Channel 4

The Tories are once again threatening to privatise Channel 4, the latest in a string of attacks on public broadcasting – to only way to fight back is to build a campaign for a truly democratic media.

Saving the BBC from the Left

The latest Tory threats against the BBC come after years of hollowing out the service by right-wing ideologues – if the Left is to defend it, we have to provide a vision of real public service broadcaster.