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Donal Fallon

Donal Fallon is a historian and the presenter of the Three Castles Burning podcast. He is co-author of Revolutionary Dublin: A Walking Guide (Collins Press).

The Political James Joyce

Today marks the 80th anniversary of James Joyce's death. His writing was impacted by the great political intrigues of his time – from nationalism to religion, and his own sympathies for socialism.

Remembering Kevin Barry

100 years ago today, Irish revolutionary Kevin Barry was hanged at just eighteen years of age. Immortalised in song, his execution became an international cause – and fanned the flames of rebellion.

Up Went Nelson

Post-independence Ireland saw a wave of monuments to the British empire being removed, but none more dramatically than Nelson's Pillar in Dublin – blown up on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

Ireland’s Greatest Strike

In April 1920 a general strike demanding the release of prisoners rocked Ireland and brought the country to a standstill – one hundred years later, it remains the pinnacle of Irish labour history.

The Typist with the Webley

This week Belfast City Council blocked plans for a statue to Winnie Carney, a pioneering socialist, feminist and trade unionist. We remember her extraordinary life.