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Emily Ingram

Emily Ingram is a freelance journalist based in Doncaster. She is currently working with Heritage Doncaster to uncover the story of the Women Against Pit Closures movement during the miners' strike of 1984-85.

The Fakenham Work-In at 50

When a shoe factory in the small Norfolk town of Fakenham was slated for closure in 1972, its women workers barricaded themselves inside and began a work-in. 50 years later, their struggle should be remembered.

The 1972 Miners’ Strike at 50

Fifty years ago today, miners across Britain walked out on strike in a landmark dispute that popularised the flying picket. We speak to striking workers about their memories on the frontline.

Remembering the Women’s Pit Camps

In January 1993, women from mining communities set up camps at seven mines facing closure. After a year-long struggle, the pits closed – but not before the camps united supporters around the country.