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Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker, whose most recent book was Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015). She is the host of Suite (212) on Resonance 104.4fm.

No One Way Works

The American leftist poet Diane di Prima wrote her ‘Revolutionary Letters’ for over forty years, filling them with both advice and anger.

New Fronts, Old Wars

The history of the British trans community is usually told through non-fiction, as a way of convincing people it has a right to even exist. Juliet Jacques’ ‘Variations’ tries to move beyond the Right’s culture-war turf.

We Can’t All Be Max Bygraves

Trevor Griffiths’ 1975 play ‘Comedians’ took a serious look at what makes us laugh, and why. In a political era where comedians, journalists, and politicians are often the same people, it has something to teach us.

The Arts for All

In the best of the party’s traditions, Labour’s manifesto for this election promises to open up the arts to those from all backgrounds – breaking a cycle which increasingly restricts cultural expression to an elite.

Poetic Politics

South American poet Néstor Perlongher’s work imagined a solidarity based on “a multitude of comrades, each more extravagant than the next.”

Ernst Toller: In Memoriam

As a socialist playwright, revolutionary president, and exile from the Nazis, Ernst Toller’s life and work demonstrated the importance of conviction in creativity.